Save or Die: Great Podcast or Greatest Podcast

Man, I loves me some DMigos.

I’ve tried just about every D&D podcast around, and let me tell you, most of them suck harder than a Bill Clinton intern.  From my hours of research I’ve found that there are four basic types of podcast:

  1. Nerds recording a four hour session and dumping it on the public with nothing but an Incompetech bumper at either end.
  2. A nasally nerd or two blathering D&D inanity, stream of conscious style, into a mike for an hour.
  3. Those Adventure Zone idiots who are like Hollywood for nerds.  They are entertaining enough, but just can’t put down the narrative for five minutes.  They habitually refer to single people using the plural pronoun ‘they’.  They have to include a 50/50 mix of gay and normal relationships.  They have to ask known normal men if their former spouse was a man or woman, because of course you do.  For the love of Gygax, can you dolts just stick to the jokes and the crits and the complete lack of regard for rules when they interpreter with the entertainment (see number 1, above).
  4. Save or Die!

Save or Die! is, without a doubt, the best D&D podcast available right now.  Not only is it one of the few that it is one of the few D&D podcasts that deals almost exclusively with the five true versions of D&D – those published before the addition of the spergtastic A at the front of the name – it is one of the few podcasts that provides a great mix of old tales, new advice, and good laughs.


DM Liz may be hotter than expected, but she needs to stop laughing at her own jokes.

It moves a little slow.  Each hour-plus long episode could probably be edited down to a tight 45 minutes, but that’s part of the charm.  It isn’t one of your MSNBCs or FoxNews shouting at you every damn minute.  It’s more like an NPR interview show without all the smug Dunning-Kreuger inspired preening.  It’s just three thoughtful folks taking a little more time to say what they mean.  This is a positive thing, you Mountain Dew fuelled aspies.

You get all sorts of great, timely information about the current happenings in the OSR.  This past episode, which I finally had a chance to listen to while photoshopping a bunch of “Pepe Speaking at an ADL Podium” memes, talked about the revival of Pacesetter games.  They produce some fine B/X compatible modules, and also saved a bunch of great figures that almost missed the light of day thanks to  a poorly run Kickstarter.  Why do I call that out specifically?

Because you nerds love Netflix’s god-awful Stranger Things, and as we nerds do, we latched on to any talisman from that show that we could get our Cheeto-stained fingers on.  There is perhaps no greater touchstone for old school nerds grateful to have our existence acknowledged by the godless sodomites in Hollywood in Stranger Things than this little figure:


Flowerface looks nothing like this.

They call it the Lashing Prince, for IP reasons, but we all know that’ Demogorgon.  It’s a big figure, almost four-inches tall (that’s big as far as miniature wargamers and my wife are concerned), and not quite the Ral Partha figure shown in the Netflix series, but your nerd friends who like Stranger Things won’t know that.

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You so Cray Cray

From the, “You’re Not Making Mental Health Issues Better, Your Making RPGS Worse” Files:

A few months back a woman, one of whose personalities goes by the name Bluestockings, stopped flipping her lips with an index finger while humming long enough to post a very heartfelt and emotional plea that RPG makers:

  • Stop making games about crazy characters unless you yourself can have a conversation about the privilege of living without mental illness.
  • Stop making games where being mentally ill is a joke.
  • Stop calling bad people crazy.
  • Stop playing games that promote the humour (sic) and levity in mental illness.
  • Start having conversations and calling people out on this bullshit. Start making inclusive games. Start playing inclusive characters.
  • And hey, while we’re at it, stop romanticizing mental illness, too.

It’s hard to know where to start with demands like these.

The RPG KGB decided long ago that my identity disqualifies me from having an opinion on social issues.  That opened the door for identity attacks to be used in lieu of rational discourse.  I don’t like that, but I don’t make the rules, people – I just follow their lead on how we’re going to talk about this.

Bluestockings is cray cray.  She admits:

I have anxiety. Some PTSD, maybe even c-PTSD. I dunno. My hypomania and delusionssuggest something else going on.

This woman is, by her own admission, delusional.  Note that she is not clinically insane – that would require a clinician’s diagnosis.  She admits that she won’t go see a professional, leaving open only two possibilities.  One, she is lying about her condition as a means of gaining a rung or two on the Ladder of Victimhood.  Or two, she really is bonkers.  Either way, you can’t take a word she says seriously.  She is either lying or delusional.  Or both.  You wouldn’t take medical or automotive or financial advice from a delusional liar, and those things aren’t nearly as important in this life as RPGs, so don’t take RPG advice from a delusional liar either.



Note the inherent contradiction in her demands.  Stop making games about lunatics.  Also, we need more games that include lunatics.  That’s the sort of double talk you can only get from a nutjob.  Or a leftist.  But I repeat myself.

Here’s some more self-contradiction from this brave and honest and open crackpot.  I’m going to pull two quotes, and you have to remember that these quotes are both written by the same person, though perhaps not the same personality, in the same article.

I can’t forget my experiences with my mental health. I worry every day how “bad” I’m getting and I try to stay on top of it. Mental health is an on going experience and struggle.

The whole point of her long whine is that living with a few screws loose is a huge disadvantage, and the world she remake itself in her image so that she doesn’t have to suffer any more.  She then criticizes RPGs because:

[H]ow many times in D&D,RIFTS, Paranoia, and other main stream games have we seen the crazy traits used as a disadvantage. I remember being Bipolar (not my choice) in a Serenity game and that was a disadvantage.

I’ve met two Napoleon’s, one Lady Godiva, and a Jesus of Nazareth that were more stable than this.  Usually just before slipping them a couple of bucks and trying to stand up wind of them as they accost me in the shadowy underpasses during one of my frequent recruiting drives for the bum fight videos I produce in my spare time.


This may sound needlessly harsh.  While it may be harsh, it is most definitely needed.  It isn’t fun to mock the mentally ill*, but sometimes it’s necessary.  People might start taking this raving head case seriously. Instead of trying to keep her away from sharp objects, they might start thinking she has a point.  It’s important to establish that this woman shouldn’t be taken any more seriously than internet trolls who dedicate themselves to, of all things, defending the honor of the fair Lady RPG.


“All work and no play make Homer fight leftists ruining tabletop gaming!”

This woman clearly needs help.  My heart aches for the pain that she suffers.  I truly hope she gets the help she needs to become a normal person.  But there’s nothing that any of us can do to help her.  Humoring her flights of fancy will only serve as an enabling strategy that will send her deeper into the spiral of insanity.  Listening to her gibberish and pretending that it is coherent thought is like giving cake to a fat kid, booze to an alcoholic, and crack to my mother.

You can’t heal Bluestocking.  You can’t change her by catering to her ever-shifting whims.  That change must start with her.  You can’t control her, and you can’t make her better.

What you can control is your response to this lip-diddling cuckoo.  That starts with not listening to her.  For one thing, you will never be able to satisfy her.  Her desires, her needs, and her demands all change on a minute by minute basis.  She can’t even get through a single blog post without contradicting herself multiple times.  She can’t even get through a bullet list without changing what she wants out of you.  And you think anything you do will ever get her to stop attacking you?


Speaking of crazy old women who should be locked up…

That’s like thinking you could ever give a panhandler enough money to get him to stop begging for spare change.  Or thinking that Democrats will improve the lives of black people if they get enough votes from the black community.  Or thinking that voting third party will change the way Washington D.C. works.  Those things are all Bluestocking level denials of reality.

Do what should you do?

  • Keep making games about crazy characters and don’t have conversations about the delusional concept of the privilege of living without mental illness.
  • Keep making games where being mentally ill is a joke.
  • Definitely call bad people crazy.
  • Play play games that promote the humor and levity in booby-hatch residents.
  • Don’t have conversations or call people out on this nonsense.  Keep making whackadoo inclusive games. Keep playing whackadoo inclusive characters.
  • And hey, while we’re at it, don’t ever romantize mental illness, too.

Actually, that last one of hers was pretty good.  Full credit where credit is due.  There’s nothing romantic about people who belong on the funny farm.  They are people who deserve our pity and compassion.  What they don’t deserve is to be taken seriously just because they smear their ranting silliness across the internet with a keyboard instead of across the walls of the padded room with their own feces.

* I know, I know.  It can be hilarious when done well, but stick with me here, I’m going somewhere with this.

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That’s Gratitude For You

You know, you try to help some people and they just throw it right back in your face.


I guess it goes without saying that she has me blocked on in the twit crowd.  Anna Kreider really was an inspiration to me.  So much so that I dedicated Shitlord: The Triggering to her.  I wanted to be there for her in this, her darkest hour, and I reached out to her.

I genuinely want her to find some peace.  I genuinely believe that she can find it if she puts down the chip weighing so heavy on her shoulder, cranks out a few more kids, and adopts a life of homeschooling bliss raising the next generation of conservative tabletop gamers.  This would ease her pain.

To get a female perspective, I asked the three women I have chained in my basement, and they all eagerly agreed that I was really on to something.  I was so grateful that they each received an extra helping of boiled Filipino.

Moving on, as expected, the prize pig Ryan Merkin lamented the silencing of unique voices by silencing my voice, one of the most unique in tabletop gaming. Yo, check it:


Yeah, yeah, yeah: his blog, his rules.  He is well within his rights to refuse to publish one of my precious bon mots.  It’s just so typically self-contradictory of this type of white knight to weep that there isn’t more diversity in tabletop gaming even as they strive to turn it into a uniformly drab and dreary monoculture marked by cautious people forever walking on eggshells lest the offend the gamer-stapo.  The RPG KGB?  The d20-6-10?  You get the idea.

Contrast to my own welcoming stance to activists of this type.  I’ll hand them a bullhorn and beg them to tell the hoi polloi want they want and what they are willing to do to get it.  Their own words condemn them when they feel safe enough to express them.  Their own self-destructive worldview drives them crazy.

While those of us on this side of the aisle sit back with a snifter of cognac, puff on our cigars, and sleep safe in the knowledge that we are only hated by the right people whose contempt fuels the fire of our passion for the best gaming (OSR), the best people (Pepe!), and the best life (mine).


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Glad to See You Go



Sandwich Girl’s crusade to chase toxic people out of the gaming community achieves its first significant scalp when she herself leaves.  In a statement at her screed wall, she has announced (paraphrased for brevity because this woman has no soul of wit):

The visibility gained through this blog has helped me accomplish a number of things outside of this blog that I’m even more proud of:

  • The things I’ve written here have affected how publishers approach art direction.
  • My bullshit sexual harassment claims strongarmed GenCon into implementing a McCarthyistic harassment policy.
  • I pushed around diversity of GenCon’s Industry Insider and helped it smash the old gender disparity of its Featured Presenters by throwing a bunch of no-name vaginas onto the head table.
  • GenCon, out of fear of my harassment and my army of White Knight bitches, made me an Industry Insider this year, where I sat on panels with people who have actually made this hobby a better place like Ken Hite and some other nobodies that I wish had Ken’s stature.

This woman is so enamored of her own victimhood that even when she crows about her vast successes and declares victory, she still can’t resist issuing a sob story about how oppressed and put upon she is.  She sounds a lot like a cop swinging his baton at a prostrate Rodney King screaming, “Stop resisting arrest!”  Check it, yo:

Writing this blog has also taken a tremendous toll on my mental health.

Girl, you so crazy!  Look, this isn’t hard.  Her worldview is not a healthy one.  She jumped into the feeding frenzy of victimhood seeking to ruin people she believes engage in crimethink.  Her allies are just like her, and whining her way into the slightest bit of success, painted a big old bloody target on her back.  So when, as Sandwich Girl herself admits:

Worse than the abusers, the indifferent, and the apologists, however, is getting blindsided by people I trusted. People who I thought had my back, who told me that they wanted me to succeed and then threw me under the bus because it was politically expedient.

And specifically name checks people on her side of the aisle thusly:

When there are men who seriously argue to their fans that I am a bigoted anti-gay lunatic,

Figure it out, babe.  That’s the game she signed up for.  Her side believes everything is a zero-sum game, that the only way to the top is by climbing up over somebody else.  Her whole blog career has been about tearing down other people, other projects, other artists, other writers.  So when people on that side try to drag Sandwich Girl down as a means of elevating themselves, they’re playing HER game.

And she knows it!  She KNOWS that’s the game.  That’s why she desperately tries to paint herself as a powerless victim even as you she takes her victory lap.  The leftists know that the only way to protect themselves from the backstabbers who run rampant on that side of the political aisle is to argue that they have no power.

Ask yourself this: Was she ever satisfied with the results she blackmailed out of WotC or Pathfinder?  Nope.  It was never enough for her.  There was always more work to be done, more control to be handed over to her.  Quelle surprise that the people who think as she does reacted to her work as she reacts to the work of others.

Gentle reader, if you want some genuine appreciation, then you need to take a little stroll on over here to the right side of life.  If Wundergeek would just bring those sandwiches over here we’d treat her like a queen.  Look how well we treat the queens we’ve already got:


God Save Queen Milo!

If she has really had enough of swimming with sharks as likely to turn on her as not, then she should join the wolfpack over here on the right.  We look out for each other.  We take care of each other.  We would never attack our saviors with greater fervor than ever we would attack our political adversaries.  Don’t believe me?  You can ask Donald Trump about that.


Okay.  Bad example.  We aren’t all saints over here, either.  The point is that my side’s philosophy about rising tides lifting all boats results in a fundamental desire to help other people out because it makes your own life better.  The left’s philosophy about the only way up is by taking somebody else down results in a fundamental desire for people to attack everyone around them because that’s the only way to make your own life better.

Enough of the sales talk.  Here’s a great example of another way the RPG left can’t live up to their own standards.  Your old pal E. Reagan Wright himself commented on this issue over at

Sweet schadenfreude of Saint Murgotroyd, let’s hope her petard is a comfy one, because she just done hoisted herself up on it.

It will be interesting to see if the man who believes in, “the chilling effect that stops other people from raising their voices and bringing unique viewpoints to the table,” will moderate that unique viewpoint into oblivion.  I suspect Ryan “Five Lights” Markel’s policy is that some voices are more unique than others.  And in this time of rampant catering to the hobgoblins of the left, he has no room for diversity of opinion on his blog – not when said diversity might just include a viewpoint to which he does not agree.  He’s got his own private Hayes Code to enforce, don’t you know?

Back to Sandwich Girl’s announcement that she won, but she’s still a po’ widdle ‘ol victim:

Or at least that’s how I was approaching things until several weeks ago, when the final straw happened. As is the way with such things, it was so small. Such a quiet thing those most community insiders, even, probably missed. Really, it doesn’t even matter what the event was.

Oh, I think we all know what she’s talking about.  We all know the small thing was that most community insiders missed that she daren’t name:

Wright-SLORD Cover

More fun than a man should be allowed to have, and if Sandwich Girl had her way, he wouldn’t be allowed to have it.

Which is still available through Lulu!  Click here, chumps!  –>  Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


Search your feelings, gentle reader, you know it to be true.


P.S. “You Say Hello” is garbage writing.  Garbage, I say!  Using song lyrics as blog post titles is the single laziest short-cut to cheap clever-clever writing that there is.  Nobody who uses that trick should ever be taken seriously ever again.


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Shitlord: Now Available In Cheap Collector’s Edition

Wright-SLORD CoverThe collector’s edition of Shitlord: The Triggerering is now available through Lulu.  This brand new edition comes with included errata and a fancy gold bordered cover, available exclusively in this reduced price PDF format.  Apparently $14.88 is too rich a price to pay for the alt-right, they’d rather pay less for an OSR game written by some oversea foreigners.

Now you can get your own portable copy suitable for just $1.99.  Skip a coffee flavored milkshake for once and invest in yourself.  Buy a book chock full of laughter suitable for reading on your mobile device by punching this button right here  –>  Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

And remember, kids!  Shitlord: The Triggerifying has everything you need to start your war against the Cult of the Blood Moon today!

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What Madness Is This?

You filthy whores with your #diceshaming hashtag should be ashamed of yourselves.  You deserve your story telling circlejerks where you already know the answers and your pre-mapped character path proceeds exactly as planned with nary a hitch nor deviation.  Everybody survives, everybody wins, and no excitement or drama is allowed to show it’s face.

You don’t deserve the light of Kek to shine upon you.

spurdo1What’s Pepe have to do with all this?

Pepe, as we all know is an avatar of the ancient Egyptian frog god, Kek.  One of Kek’s domains was that of chaos.  More specifically, he is the light bringer that delivers order from the raw stuff of chaos.  Just like your dice.

They know, people.  They know.

When you drop that little piece of plastic, it taps into the raw primordial plane of probability and possibility, and from that soup it draws forth information of vital import to your game.  It’s not just a shiny accoutrement, it’s a conduit of creation.  It reaches out into the void and chooses the one path among many that will guide your character to his proper end.

Ignore it at your peril.

Don’t lament those times when it’s wisdom gifts you with a result you did not hope for.  Instead, be grateful that it opened a door that you did not expect and led you down a path both dark and mysterious.  Watch and interpret it’s patterns, and whole new vistas of reality will open up before your very eyes.

Take a lesson from this spaz:


This die has saved you!  That enemy was not meant to die.  His tale was not ended, and you would have done well to parley, trade, or intimidate that enemy.  You did not expect this perhaps, but it. Was. Meant. To. Be.  And for a reason.  That reason is for you to discover with the aid of your DM, but is there or the dice would not have led you to that point.

If you do not trust the dice, why do you play games with them?

Perhaps you do not trust the Alt-Right DM.  Then you would not play games with him, no?

There are many games that do not use dice.  Those gay storytelling circlejerk games, Chutes and Ladders, Stratego, Diplomacy, and at least three others.  You may want to try one of those.

But if you play with the dice, you must trust them.  You must listen to them.

And whatever you do, do not shame them.

For Kek is not a kind God, and his retribution is a terrible swift sword.  Even the mightiest fall before it:



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It is done.  May God have mercy on my soul.

Shitlord: The Triggering

I need to do a full reformat to get this bastard into EPUB shape.  Right now it’s built for print.  Soon a lower cost and more readily accessible alternative will be available for all and sundry.



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