Welcome to a shamelessly and blatantly partisan blog proudly waving the banner of conservatism in the battle for one small corner of the culture war, table-top roleplaying games.  Conservatives ceded the territory of Hollywood, the major news media outlets, major publishing houses, and higher education, just to name a few.  The forces of the left have made strong inroads within the land of tabletop roleplaying, but all hope is not lost.

Small, dedicated rebellions have sprung up to resist the Left within the realms of video games and fiction publishing, and have met with considerable success.  They serve as a shining example to the forces of goodness and light.  The forces of Sauron are loud and ferocious, but they are a paper tiger stuffed full of sound and fury and very little else.  They are a house of cards that cannot withstand the light of truth, justice, and the American way.  This blog stands ready to shine those three wonderful lights into the darkest recesses of the hobby.

So stop on by whenever you stumble into one of those dark corners where up is down, people are free only when burdened with the heaviest of chains, and diversity means everyone acting, talking, and thinking within narrowly confined strictures.  We’re more optimistic, creative, diverse, and way more fun than the bitter, pinch-mouthed, busybodies over there on the sinister side of the political divide.


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  1. Timotheus says:

    I forgot you were here on the internets. I saw your pingbacky thing on Wundergeek’s post, and have spent the past 15 minutes getting re-aquainted with your glorious vision.

    Yours in Christ,



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