Welcome to a shamelessly and blatantly partisan blog proudly waving the banner of conservatism in the battle for one small corner of the culture war, table-top roleplaying games.  Conservatives ceded the territory of Hollywood, the major news media outlets, major publishing houses, and higher education, just to name a few.  The forces of the left have made strong inroads within the land of tabletop roleplaying, but all hope is not lost.

Small, dedicated rebellions have sprung up to resist the Left within the realms of video games and fiction publishing, and have met with considerable success.  They serve as a shining example to the forces of goodness and light.  The forces of Sauron are loud and ferocious, but they are a paper tiger stuffed full of sound and fury and very little else.  They are a house of cards that cannot withstand the light of truth, justice, and the American way.  This blog stands ready to shine those three wonderful lights into the darkest recesses of the hobby.

So stop on by whenever you stumble into one of those dark corners where up is down, people are free only when burdened with the heaviest of chains, and diversity means everyone acting, talking, and thinking within narrowly confined strictures.  We’re more optimistic, creative, diverse, and way more fun than the bitter, pinch-mouthed, busybodies over there on the sinister side of the political divide.

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  1. Timotheus says:

    I forgot you were here on the internets. I saw your pingbacky thing on Wundergeek’s post, and have spent the past 15 minutes getting re-aquainted with your glorious vision.

    Yours in Christ,


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  2. Attaboy, this is what we need.

    The leftists want to infiltrate everything and make a name for themselves, “colonizing” every human activity, since all the big struggles are done. There is no March to Birmingham any more, so they have to march through RPGs and comic-books and SF. Treat them like self-interested viruses, who only want to proliferate at the expense of any other political DNA. Better yet, treat them with bleach.

    Monte Cooke Games is cuckified, judging by their statement of principles, “Our Core Values”:
    Similar to D5D, they stuck a lesbian couple in their product, somewhere in the wilds of Numenéra. A butcher-baker couple, the rules say the laws of the land allow them to refuse to bake a cake for conservatives who want to decorate it with elephants or green frog-gods…

    Evil Hat Games is cuckified, but their Fate Core is a qualitative, touchy-feely storytelling mess where “falling damage” is not a fact of physics but whatever the group wants it to be, so we expected it to attract unrealistic non-nuts-and-bolts gamers. Spot the use of the gender-confusion pronoun “xe” in their world booklet “Deep Dark Blue”, as well as a submarine crewwoman in a wheelchair who has no apparent Aspect or disadvantage because of it, because all subs are retrofitted for antigrav wheelchairs or some shit, and she can easily escape to seabottom depths if she has to…

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    • Frank Black says:

      White Wolf was headed this way years ago and I can only assume that the blackened cinders of that game company after CCP got done torching it (Onyx Path Publishing) is about the same, though I wouldn’t know because I have stopped giving them money years ago because their books were so poorly printed they would fall apart after several uses.

      Another game company I have been boycotting is the Eclipse Phase guys at (whatever their publishing name is now, I forget), not only again for shitty game books that fall apart but their blatant attacks on their forums and censoring anyone who would even bring up any aspect of gamergate. Pure assfucked retardation in a solid gold patina finish. maybe we are seeing a trend here, game companies with more on their mind than publishing and printing a quality game book can’t help but fuck it up.


  3. Frank Black says:

    It’s about time We had some pushback against the slow march through the gaming industry, besides some of my favorites that I will promote here if that is OK (as in Honey Badger Radio, The Quartering, The Thinkery etc.). Thank you, sir, for your hard work. Do you have a presence on social media platforms besides blogs? I have left Facefuckbook because of the outstanding levels of censorship and cuckery going on there, and am about ready to tell Google as a whole and Twitter to eat a syphilitic dick. I’m on Minds right now under a different name (my real name), and wouldn’t mind locating similarly minded gamers who are sick of the PC cultural Marxist idiocy that is being thrust into the ass of RPG’s per the Saul Alinsky Rule for Radicals tactical handbook suggests.


    • Frank Black says:

      Rules for Radicals*


    • The Alt-Right DM says:

      I’ve been thrown off of every sociable media platform that had the poor judgement to allow me access, friend. That’s why I’m stuck laboring here in a jumped-up MySpace presence begging for clicks like a New York whore. Or Times reporter. But I repeat myself.

      Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy the ride.


  4. andy goodman says:

    You sir are a martyr for the cause and as all good martyrs you should meet some excruciatingly painful death at the hands of the enemy.


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