Flying Spanx: The Comickal Book

spanxBeen a while since your friendly neighborhood basement dweller did his duty as a low-rent comickal book expert reader and recommender.  The Alt(Star)Hero line has been quiet, so let’s look at Jon Dealy Rose’s “Flying Sparklegirl“.

It starts off with a Chris Brown approved beatdown of the tit-ular character – a nice touch for adding the drama you don’t see in normie-comickal books.  This is a broad that, despite how well she already fills out that sporting bra, has room for growth.  You can only find that kind of honest creativity among the ranks of the independent comickal-book creative community, and even then it’s still pretty rare.

I’ve only read the first volume so far, but I like where it’s headed.  There’s a real conflict being set up because Meat-uh-Girl there, the beatdown specialist, is in love IRL with the alter ego of her super-villain antagonist.  It’s done well, and done well enough for me to be excited about the next couple of volumes dropping on Amazon soon.  Good action, likable and believable characters, a flawed hero who struggles to be the hero we want her boobs to be.  It’s got it all.

spanx2And I’m not just saying that because Del Aryeezy put a pic of me in the first volume, either.  That was nice, but we’ve never met or talked, so I’m not sure how he knew I wanted this, but that’s just another part of what makes the Rice Man so special, and not in the short-bus way.

Volume Two is already out, but I think I’ll wait for the third one, grab them both, and then settle into a hot steaming bath for a little me time complete soft Chris Brown tunes on the iPod, plenty of rose petals floating on the water, and a whole gallon of oil-based lubricant in case I just can’t keep my hands off of me.

It happens.

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