I wrote some stuff.  It’s pretty hilarious, but it’s filled with in-jokes.  It’s pretty refined degeneracy and not for the likes of you.  You should probably stick to your adult coloring books, fifth edition D&D rulebook, and other sad little past times.  But if you think you’ve got the dangly janglies to survive a brush with greatness, plonk down that cabbage and brace yourself for impact.

His dreams of cultural hegemony dashed by his own hubris, a lone artist heads out into the wetlands to dispose of the unsold evidence. What he finds there reveals to him the secrets of countless universes and provides the key to unlock his redemption, if only he can hang onto it for once.

UltimateV-SmallUltimate Victim: Three Tales
of the Social Justice Warrior

Tired of Marvel’s hamfisted attempts to shoehorn SJW tropes and bizarro-world philosophy into your superhero stories? Tire no more, because the Ultimate Victim is ready to take that SJW dial and crank it up to one point twenty-one giga-whines of intensity. When the dark forces of logic, reason, hard work, and Western civilization threaten to improve the lives of everyone in the world, The Ultimate Victim will be there to stop them by standing strong in the face of reality and shout down the oppressive nature of expectations, healthy attitudes, and normality.

HugoBaitJPGsmallHugo Bait 

The freshest voice in science fiction and fantasy is back with this epic tale of a magic alien on earth. It features all of the best aspects of Hugo Award winning fiction. Smug self-righteousness? Check! Serviceable writing? Check! Political check boxes? Check! Clever ironic detachment and an utter lack of morality? Oh hell check yeah! The prose rolls like Damon Knight ate a copy of Edgar Rice Burroughs and dumped the resulting bowel movement all over James Blish’s chest, complete with all of the Clarion Workshop wankery you’ve come to expect from people who wave silver rockets around.
There had never been a more deserving Re-Scriber for a promotion to Chief Officer, Political. Doey’s years of slaving away in the Culture Mines finally paid off, and now he was one step closer to the tippy-top position of the Aynal Empire. His first mission as Chief Officer, Political, was a simple run through the low streets of the city to break up a clandestine culture mill churning out written works that weren’t derivative rehashes of previous greats carefully reworked to fit into this week’s Narrative.
It’s only the best dang version of D&D you can find outside of a book with an Erol Otis cover.  Built on the Swords and Wizardy engine, this OSR title is jam packed with all sorts of hilarity.  Even if you never play the game, you’ll get your money’s worth.  So good, it won a major award!