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This Thing Of Ours

Tonight’s the night!  New group.  New campaign.  New everything. I’m a little nervous, because these are the guys that loaned me bail money after the ex-wives got uppity over me bonding with their boyfriend’s kids out-of-state for a few months, … Continue reading

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Virtue Status: Signalled

This couldn’t have happened to a nicer company.  Cuck harder, Mearly Mearls, and maybe they’ll stop coming for your straight white head. Spoilers: they won’t. Full disclosure, I stole and modified that design from The Quartering’s Crypto Fashion page.  You … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

To this post Mentzer post! Oh, Uncle Mentzy, you old scamp! One year ago today, don’t that just backstreet your boys? Seriously, though, this ain’t cool at all.  The RPG Pundit shouldn’t be punished for his work on [Current Year] D&D … Continue reading

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Transcendent Tumescence

Full disclosure:  My game time over the past few months has been dramatically limited.  Business down to the local adult video arcade has been booming.  I’ve been volunteering my time running coffee and donuts to the hard working men and women but … Continue reading

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The Lejund Continues

Every time another issue of “Chuck Dixon’s Avalon” hits my inbox, my heart skips a beat. Don’t get me wrong, I like “Alt-Hero: The Series Not Written By The Legend Chuck Dixon”, well enough.  Each issue’s strategy of introducing hordes … Continue reading

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Better Life Through Gaming

The other day we had some fun looking at the latest visit of the karma chameleon to the tabletop community, but today let us have a seat on our collective porcelain thrones, set aside our cell phones, and have a … Continue reading

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News Flash: Whores And Pimps Are Terrible People

There will be no film at eleven. That degenerate con-man that convinced the OSR his scribble-scrabble has sweet jack-all to do with art had been outed by a completely trustworthy source or three (heh, yeah, okay pal) as a degenerate … Continue reading

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