Alt Queero Drops a Deuce

And just like that, post a review of a not-Alt-Star-Hero book, and one drops into my lap like a full plate of Moons Over My Hammy when the Denny’s waitress is as drunk as the rest of the people in here at 3AM.  It’s time for another comickal book review while we wait for the hard copy of Nethercity to finally get into my greasy mitts.

Roland Dane returns for the not-quite-dead in the second issue of Alt(Q)Hero, and this time he’s got a lot of help from the Boomers.  Now listen up fellow coots and codgers, I may be of your cohort, but I don’t think like your cohort.  I don’t follow Q.  I’m literally not even cool enough to understand the controversy that surrounds Q.  I only know that there is some discussion about whether it’s a Boomer cope or a chan op, and that most of the people who naysay Q are the same people who naysayed a host of observably true things like MKULTRA , objections to fluoridated water, the CIA selling crack to hoodrats, Operation Northwoods, Trump colluding with Russia against Ukraine and viceversa, and that my svelt BMI of 30 is technically unhealthy.  With this book I don’t really care who’s right.


Eye candy check: weak

Much like that remake of the sitcom Taxi, the one that stars The Joker that came out in theaters recently, I’ve found the related memeology to be far more interesting than the original source material.

This second issue of Al(Q)Hero delivers the goods, and just in time for the recent hullabaaall…who-do-I-lynch revelations about The Finders.  Roland Dane crawls back into the shadows of American society, that place in which we live, with support from a random assortment of Boomers who have all signed on to help the shadowy text messenger who saved Roland’s life in the last issue.  There are two amazing set-pieces including a nice chase, but everything hinges around Roland stumbling around wondering what they hell is going on here.  We do see that the man going after Roland are really powerful – as in, make Billionaires jump when they say, “Would you like a slice of pizza,” powerful – and follow the trail of bread crumbs a little further along.  So it’s not like nothing happens.  A lot does.

It’s just that the lack of agency, that feeling of being led around by the nose, burnishes the chrome from our shiny new action hero a bit.  But hey, like the second film of a trilogy, it’s okay.  We’re being set up for the next big conclusion, the next astonishing chapter.  So AM ALLOW.

Particularly given the little cameo the artist, Helix Haze, throws in there for our beloved Grand Pere Le Guerre, Mister Gygax.  Well played, son.  Well played.


You tell him, EGG!

It’s not fair to judge the issue as light, given that we already saw the real twig and berries of the issue back during the Kickstarter campaign.  The central scene, Roland having his eyes forced open by a filthy Hollywood degenerate, is old news to backers – it’s effective, but absent that already revealed reveal, what’s left in the New column is mostly the slow revelation that Roland isn’t alone.  He has a team of old randos watching his back, Nick Fuentes style, ready to step up to the mic and guide him along the path.  In lesser hands, that could prove to be a whole lot of Boomer Ex Machina moving forward, but I ain’t even worried, bro.  In the hands of The Legend, that won’t happen.

Fast, fun, the feeling of you against the world as you live vicariously through Roland, it’s all good.  More so given my need for reading material following my annual post-Halloween diabetic fits and seizures.  You wouldn’t believe how many bags of candy I snatched from the kids this year – those little bastards never see me coming, and never catch me going.

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