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Waiting For the Bubble To Pop

What do you think?  Two years? Remember kids: Girl D&D is Fake D&D.  It’s a perversion of the wargame cake with RP frosting added in post-production.  It’s all frosting with a few crumbs to maintain the semblance of respectability.  That … Continue reading

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Let The Mincing COMMENCE!

From the good guys over at Bounding Into Comickal Books comes this light hearted story about a self-fellating website dedicated to stamping out crimethink (read: anything pro-Christian, pro-West, or pro-anti-cancer,) with a two-bit after-thought of a closet where people who haven’t … Continue reading

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Any Sufficiently Advanced SJW

Is indistinguishable from a bot. I wasn’t going to talk about the NPC meme any more.  It’s gone totally mainstream and once that happens my hipster cred depends on sneering at it as last week’s fake news and something I … Continue reading

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Time For An Update

Do you think the mainstream media shills already have their stories about how South Africa’s famine is the result of white people allowing themselves to be killed and driven off land they purchased from the rightful, legal Khoikhoi owners?  

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An Ugly Week for RPGs

Jessica Price, high-powered and blisteringly intelligent video game developer, fired for rolling her eyes at a man who literally raped her on Twitter. One mug labelled “Fanboy Tears”: Fifteen bucks One Copy of Pathfinder: Forty bucks ArenaNet: Priceless Here’s the … Continue reading

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Update on My Current Campaign

As you’ll recall, my current campaign is set in the fictional world of Areth and has been carefully crafted to allow the players room to explore their real-life struggles and learn a little bit about themselves through the safe confines … Continue reading

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