Emperor Ponder’s Book is Available: “Dangerous Gamers.”

Emperor “Frisky Pagan” Ponders – or is that Frisky “Emperor Ponders” Pagan – decided he didn’t have enough monikers so he wrote a book that has his real name on the cover…or is it? It’s a look at GamerGate and what he calls the “Commentariat” but I call “those smug, deluded jackasses”. I have a copy and will be reading it and writing up my thoughts on it, and they will be positive because I like EFPP and appreciate that he did me a solid by reading my short stories and talking about them. I fully intend to blow so much smoke up his ass you’ll think he is a hookah.

Buy his book if you love freedom. If you hate freedom sit there like a Comey and suffer for your sins.

Emperor's Notepad

My DRM-free ebook, “Dangerous Gamers: The Commentariat and its war against video games, imagination, and fun,” is available on Amazon. Currently, it’s only in ebook format, but I intend to upload a paperback version as soon as possible (Amazon is giving me problems with the formatting of the Table of Contents and a few footnotes, and I need a new and better cover.)

Edit: The book has been updated (grammar, typos, etc.,) be sure that your version (in the “copyright” page) is at least version 1.1. If it isn’t, turn the autoupdates on.

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At long last, a tall cool drink of alt-right water in the midst of a liberal and cuckservative desert. Inspired by the need for soldiers in the Culture War, E. Reagan Wright volunteered to stand up to the forces of progressivism before they complete their takeover of the once energetic, diverse and just plain fun hobby of role-playing games. A lone voice in the digital wilderness preaching to that quiet, right-wing remnant that has languished in the cold for years. E. Reagan Wright loves his Mom, guns, apple pie, football, and calling that lesser game by its rightful name - soccer.
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  1. emperorponders says:

    Haha, thanks, man. By the way, it’s not a “Gamergate” book per se, though. The connection is obvious, but I like to believe the book has a bigger target (besides, I barely mention the specifics of the “controversy.”)


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