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200 Pointless Hours!

This is my 200th post.  I’m really jazzed about that. Have a birthday cat picture. I made the stars look like d20’s, because I know you nerds get off on that stuff.   Advertisements

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Hugo Bait: The Perfect Hugo Story

First published on April 28, 2017, the story that follows can and should be nominated for a Hugo Award.  It was written according to the proscribed rules of suitable stories.  At the time it was written, the author self-identified as … Continue reading

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For Those Not On Gab.AI

What the hell is wrong with you?  By not following me on Gab.ai you are missing out on glorious memes like this one.  Get it now before some basic normie reskins this idea to make it more palatable to the … Continue reading

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Trust Me…

This might hurt a little at first, but once you get used to it, it’s going to feel soooo good. Nothing in this world tastes as sweet as being Right.  I need to get the words, “I know, right?” tattooed … Continue reading

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I Have Arrived!

Mike Glyer runs File770, a literary site for sci-fi and fantasy nerds like me.  It’s kind of a big deal.  He noticed my short story, “The Prolapsing Empire: An On-Schedule Story“, and even included a droll mention of it on … Continue reading

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Giving Cirsova the Ol’ Reach Around

Cirsova – great magazine, by the way, really top notch stuff, and I mean that – has been digging into the nuts and bolts of Shitlord: The Triggering, available at Lulu.com in both digital and hard copy today! Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Thank you, America.  There’s hope for you yet. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’ve turned an important corner.  Maybe things will be okay after all.

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