The Old School #Resistance

Hopalong Bradford makes a good point here:

That’s right. The SJW Death Cult wants tabletop RPGs to be a reflection of r-selected psychology, with all the stupidity and degeneracy that entails, and manipulating how the normies see D&D is meant to change the narrative of D&D. Control of the narrative is control of the culture, and culture is downstream from politics.

sks.pngGreat guy.  Great writer.  Go buy his book.

We’ve talked about it here at length and bracketed by gross-out humor, but he neatly sums everything up in two sentences.  Playing D&D the way Saint Gygax handed it down to us in the sacred texts isn’t just a better way to play the Greatest Game, it’s a better way to save indoor toilets.

Lose the game, lose the culture.  Lose the culture, lose western civilization.  Lose the civilization, lose the ability to take a dump without putting on your galoshes and a coat.  The Left knows this, but they’d rather rule over a cholera choked wasteland than serve in a toilet paper paradise.

It really is that simple.

Strike a blow for Christendom.  Run any version of D&D published before 1989.


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