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The latest issue of Alt(Star)Hero dropped last week, and everything was so hectic I didn’t get a chance to review it.  Well, now I’ve got a chance and here’s a stunner for you – I liked it!

Redshift in a neck brace and a battered Michael Martel held remind us that the former got the royal Matthew Shepherd treatment when he tried to stop the latter from leaving one part of the European Caliphate for another part of the European Caliphate without paying his proper jizz-ya tax.  Martel earned his stripes in the process of wiping the pavement with Captain Europa’s handsome mug.  They look like I feel these days.

Episode Six: the Cast Embiggening presents Team Sellout tracking Team Tommy Robinson through the catacombs of Paris, hence the name “The Dark Hunt”.  Or maybe the title is a reference to the red-eyed sewer dweller.  (It wouldn’t be an Alt(Star)Hero without six new named characters introduced in this issue, would it?)  The new guy with the red eye saves Michael and…uh, the other guy* from the Eurotrash.  Get it?  Brits see where I’m going with this, and Kangaroo-chokers, too.  Anyway, the Darkhunt guy puts the DyNationalist Duo on a train for Italy where they can be safe, which after my recent encounters with those noodle-slurpers seems like a molte benne bad idea.


You’re probably bored with me saying that this issue is my favorite one yet.  Too bad.  It is.  Here’s a fun thing to do.  Cliff Cosmickal is the guy who does the art for Alt(Star)Hero, and he’s getting better with each issue.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s run a quick side by side comparison:


Everything about the art in that second panel is better than everything in the art in the second panel, and that’s just after six issues of work.  I’m telling you nerds, by the time they hit Issue 20, Pope Frankie One will be calling Cliffy-boy to come re-do the Sistine Chapel with Alt(Star)Hero characters.  Rainbow F(l)ag up there looks so much better now that he makes me feel all funny inside, like when I try and fail to climb the rope in gym class.  And don’t get me started on Dynamique – that carrot topped caped crusader looks so cute lately that she’s got my waifu-pillow jealous of all the time I spend with Dynamique these days.  Maybe it’s the coloring, I don’t know, but it’s so much more pleasing to the eye.

Uh, that’s about it.  Go buy it at the Arkhaven store and not Amazon, so that Bezos gets a few less dollars with which to buy a billion dollar blowee from that Dirty Sanchez broad.

*I can’t remember his name.  Maybe Grug am not smart enough for to understanding comickal books.


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