Cuts Me To the Quick, It Does

Thanks to my excessive habit of self-love (pic below related) my eyesight grows dim.  My haunting of the Manly D&D blog comments has slowly devolved to the point that most of my contact with the Manly Man’s D&D Community comes via the Youses and the Tubeses.  As the YooToob D&D culture is dominated by the fakers of the fuggernaut, that means that most of my limited contact with the doings in the Real D&D Community comes by way of the degenerates over at Inappropriate Characters.

Here’s their latest, which cannot be embedded for some strange reason.  Click on it to watch the whole episode on the JudenTuben:


There’s some interesting discussion about how the bints at ConTessa are doing what bints always do.  With hamsters in full sprint, they are “upgrading” their menfolk from the thirsty OSR fellas (present company excluded of course) to the soon-to-be-outed-as-sexpests-Fake-D&D fellas.

It’s the same old story.  Some entryist gal decided that what the world needed most was the ruination of a male hobby via *cough* improvements* by way of some heavy-doody en-pink-ification.  Said gal, Stacy Of the Orphano, set up a gaming con – ConTessa – to be run by women women for women and sexpest male feminist allies who pee sitting down and who think nothing of letting their women drive them around town.  Naturally, the con was initially sold as “just gaming” and “we’re not like other women”, and so earned the scorn of the hobby’s Baron Harkonnen lookalikes.  Naturally, the limp-wristed and thirty cucks of the D&D world leapt at the chance to support the wimminz to own the libs.  Naturally, the organizers ripped the Mission: Impossible masks off at the first opportunity and revealed themselves to be just like other women who enter male spaces and set about destroying the very things that attracted them to those selfsame male spaces in the first place.  Naturally.

And now perennial loser moderates like RPGPundit are shocked, shocked I say!, at this astonishing betrayal.  Until the next time an, “I’m not like those other girls,” comes along and repeats the process.


You want to talk betrayal, notice that if you give the video a watch, ol’ Pundy repeatedly links hands with Stacey of the Orphano to join forces in ignoring the existence of shitlord wing of the OSR.  “Not one product,” they chant in unison.  “Not one creator,” they say in the desperate hopes of unpersoning your humble bumbling host.

Yeah, about that.

This is where it gets funny.  Brace yourself for some primo Kenneth Hite levels of connective tissue.  The impetus for the latest outrage was some Pound-Me-Too, d20-style action, directed at Bill Webb for hitting on a chick at the thoroughly pozzed PaizoCon.  Bill Webb is the creative genius behind Swords and Wizardry.  Which, those of you keeping score at home will recall, was the excellent OSR retroclone used as the template for Shitlord: The Dated Meme Triggering.

And now you know the REAL reason they went after Bill Webb.

I’m his game-baby.  His unholy and fearsome game-baby whose very name carries such power that merely to utter it in hushed voices risks shattering the foundational pillars of the entire gaming hobby.  They cannot reach me directly, so they sent a Terminator forward in time to attack Webb, Christine Blasé-Ford style, in the hopes of discrediting my game-daddy.  Well, it’s too late – the John “Shitlord” Connor genie has been released from the bottom of my bottle of Wild Turkey and unleashed upon the world like a mixed-metaphor hurricane of hurr-durrs, and there’s nothing Team “Pundy and Stacey D Sitting in a Tree” can do to put the pudding back in the toothpaste tube.

Look upon my works, ye mighty, and hush your mouths in fear!

And whatever you do, do not say my name lest you unspeak the gaming world out of existence.


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  1. Aaron says:

    Nice Dune reference. They’ve got more in common with Harkonnen than most know. 🍕

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