New WotC Setting Speculation

Wiz-tards of the Coast announced a new setting book will be released in 2019, a book that they have not created that is for a D&D setting.  Whatever that means.


Link not included because I can’t bear the shame of admitting where I read this.  Don’t judge me, I take the pain so you don’t have to.

That’s it.  The rest of the clickbait article is the same kind of speculation that churns your stomach when the morbidly obese mush-mouths at the shop engage the imaginations that are as loose as their bowel movements.  You know, speculation like I’m about to engage in…


My money gets plonked down on Spelljammer, because they really need a setting tailor made for the new and improved fans (note that the word “players” doesn’t appear here) of the new and improved D&D experience (note that the word “game” doesn’t appear here.)  Specifically, Spelljammer has an entire race of potential PCs perfect for feminists.


Think about it.  Phlogiston ships – like everything about the feminist worldview – are powered by nothing more than your wishes and dreams.  It’s a perfect metaphor.  You can ignore reality, close your eyes, and just really feel like you should live in a different world, and voila!

It’s also a setting rife with opportunities for female pirate cosplay, which should really be the primary focus of any pen and pencil math-heavy competitive endeavor.

It’s also a setting that doesn’t have a whole lot of deep lore, so you can pick up enough jargon to pass yourself off as a genuine geek-girl without having to read a lot of musty old books or learn a bunch of icky history or have any stories of your own about how you interacted with the setting.  That’s all for smelly nerds, and D&D doesn’t have room in the community for people like that.

Bank on it, people.



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2 Responses to New WotC Setting Speculation

  1. The Mixed GM says:

    If true, it will prove that WotC is King Mid-Ass.

    Everything they touch turns to shit.


  2. Max Boivin says:

    I’d be happy if the book was Spelljamer; it would make it easier for me to not buy it. If it was a Planescape setting, I would have to think twice about it… and then would advise against because they would certainly ruin it.

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