I Love This Review – No Homo

That’s a lie – this review of Shitlord: The Triggering has a little homo:  the guy that wrote it.



And I thought the Poles were supposed to be smarter than this.

SJW Rule One in action. (Explanation for the derplords.).

Lie One:  It’s just barely touched Swords and Wizardry, which I used as a source material only because it’s totes the bestest OSR supplement around.  I only credit MythMere games in the legal page, and then admit as much in the Designer’s Notes.  It’s a wonder detective Strzzkzilickeelickee managed to get it in the ballpark with the White Box guess.

(Althoooough…come to think of it, maybe I should have used WHITE box D&D just for the bonus privilege points.)

Lie two: Does not have the content to trigger any liberal.  I’ve had anti-harassment activists tell me to die in a fire.

Lie three:  It was not removed from DriveThruRPG.  It never made it to DTRPG.  DTRPG shuddered in their comfortable shoes, pinched their noses, and then delicately waved their fingers for the peasants to take it away.  At once!  Like a van Vogt painting, they will only appreciate this work of art once old E. Reagan dies in a fire.

Lie four: No art.  Here are just two of the fourteen (heh) examples of original artwork included in the game, gratis:


“Still better than a Wayne Reynolds painting.”  HA!  Still funny after all these year.  Sometimes I forget how hilarious I am.

[Edit to add:  Shitlord wasn’t written to trigger leftards, it was written to make shitlords go lolololololozzzzzzz.  Leftoids aren’t smart enough to even notice most of the jokes in this thing.]


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