Happy Father’s Day

To all you big daddies out there, here’s hoping your day is filled with a few crayon crafted cards and plenty of time in the hammock, cold beverage of your choice in hand.  You’re a good guy doing thankless work in an environment that is openly hostile to you.  Never has a civilization treated the engine of its prosperity so poorly as the West treats fathers today, and for that you are doubly so a hero.

If I may drop the act for one day, today’s post goes out to my own children:

Your father misses you terribly.  If you ever happen to wander past this site, please understand that much of what you read represents a healing catharsis that helps release the anguish felt daily by a man cut out of your life for committing the mortal sin of not being exciting enough for a…well, whatever she is, she is your mother, and for that reason if no other, she deserves your respect.

Some day you will be old enough to make your own decisions, and when that happens, I will be waiting with open arms.  Neither your mother nor the courts will be able to prevent us from seeing each other, and I pray regularly that when that day comes your heart will not have been filled with so much poison that you refuse to hear me out.  You will have grown up in the shadow of your mother and all of her struggles, and I can only hope that you recognize her for what she is and come to me so that I can help you heal and make up for years of lost time.

If you read this before then, I can only ask for your patience.  Daddy is here.  Though I’m not allowed to see you, I will always be there for you.  Your mother’s friends at the courthouse won’t let that happen yet, but they can’t do so forever.

Happy Father’s Day.  I miss you.  I love you.  I’ll see you – not soon enough – but soon4.




All right, dear reader, thank you for that.  We will return to your regularly scheduled frothing after these commercial messages…



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