Space-X Accomplishes Something Big

Google fucking loves science, right?  I’m a giving sort of guy, so I made this accomplishment more Google-worthy.  Check it out, yo:


Diversity uber-alles!

Seriously, a reusable rocket is a big deal, and as a taxpayer you should pat yourself on the back for giving Elon Musk the money to put this together.  But do it quick – the Muskrat Man decided to quit the God-Emperor’s Council in a fit of pique that America is no longer part of the Paris Suicide Pact.

“But E. Reagan,” they squeal, “Every other country loves the deal.”

No shit, Sherlock.  The Paris Accord is basically a wealth transfer from the US of A to every other country on earth cake with a creamy Global Warming Frosting on top.  Everybody wants a bite of America, and everybody’s pissed that America doesn’t want to be served up on a platter.  It’s literally 200 sheep and a wolf voting on who should get America’s money, and now that we have some proper K-selected leadership in this country, we don’t have to belly up to the bloodsuckers any more.

You can almost feel that wall getting closer by the day.  Feels like winning!



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