Reminder: The Watch Kickstarter

You can still back The Watch on KickStarter, Sandwich Girl’s game in which women are doomed to starvation because all of the men have been taken over by The Shadow and are no longer around to open jars of pickles and peanut butter.  It features that new Orwellian brand of inclusivity that is marked by excluding the sorts of people without whom Anna would not have been able to see this project through to completion.


Men DO tend to dominate the far ends of the bell curve.

They’ve raised more that 30,000 Canadian Dollars, which is almost fifty bucks American, pretty good for a plucky young rebel who really knows how to stick it to the man and teach people about white cis-male privilege.  Which is great, because I don’t have time to take classes on male privilege what with working a job that half my money goes to pay for homeless and rehab shelters for women, a family court that won’t let me see my kids because I tricked my wife into stabbing me with a kitchen knife, free medical care for immigrant women, the massive numbers of university courses and research required to prove how much I suck (it really takes *a lot* of time and research to massage the data to fit that theory), and the salary of the prosecutor who charged me with raping a woman whom I’ve never met – she made an accusation and that’s all the evidence needed to convict a man who makes the mistake of not bowing down to woman on the street these days.  I might have been able to afford it, but all the contracts for my electrical business keep going to female owned business set-asides that I’m not eligible for due to the presence of my big swinging richard.

Anyhoo…here’s the Kickstarter video where they explain that The Shadow infects men, “for some reason”. It’s not that pesky XY chromosome, because these Effing Love Science em effers don’t believe that chromosomes play any role in determining male and female. It’s a choice, and non-binary transgendered dudes and dudettes aren’t susceptible to The Shadow.

Why would that be?

h/t: The Frisky Pagan

Andrew Medeiros:  If you should stumble on this page during one of your ego-google sessions, please understand that I’m only saying this to help you.  Get swole.  Get right with the lord.  Get yourself a group of Proud Boy style buddies who can keep you honest and forthright.  You’ll live so much longer and happier.  Fat, dumb, and under a harpy’s thumb is no way to go through life.

Yes, I always rooted for Dean Wurmer.  Man had a solid forehead and the right attitude.  Shoulda just gone full General Jessup on those punks.

P.S. If, instead of supporting The Matriarchy, you want to give money to an author who doesn’t hate your guts, I’ve got a short story hitting the Amazaon (oooo, patriarchal reference there) tomorrow, but you can pre-order it now for the low price of $1.99.


It’s got everything you need in a Hugo Award Worthy story.  Gimmickry, jim-crackery, sexual deviancy, preachiness, smug superiority, pointless vulgarity, political messaging, self-referential humor, satire, political commentary, and it might even have a little bit of science-fiction if you squint really hard.


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    The “It is a mystery” works with everything, doesn’t it?

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