Available Now! The Prolapsing Empire

Did you see what Amazon did to Vox Day?  It’s an outrage!

Vox once posted a Hugo Delenda Est meme of mine on his blog, so I owe him my eternal gratitude and loyalty.  John Scalzi once wasted a few hours of my time by tricking me into reading Old Man’s War, so I owe him a lifetime of enmity.

Seriously, that book blows chunks.

Anyway, the Secret King and tricksy hobbit won a tremendous victory by tricking Amazon into banning a second book.  As with last time, I expect a flurry of parodies expressly written to poke fun of Scalzi and cash in on the furor.  And when it comes to predicting somebody will do the sort of thing that I do, my track record is perfect.


My record, like my hair, is still perfect.

The Prolapsing Empire  is a Hugo Award worthy short story – about 6,500 words – featuring blunt force political message draped with a thin veneer of sci-fi trappings.  It’s a genuine tale about the fall of an Empire and how sometimes it just takes one incompetent dolt to expose a corrupt system to enough people to inspire the dominoes to start to fall.  One man like Scalzi over-reaching for Hugo’s can inspire a revolt in publishing that encourages a revolt in video games that inspires a revolt in the electorate that results in the God-Emperor ascending to the Cherry Blossom Throne.

I hope you enjoy this short  sci-fi satire delivered with Terry Pratchett levels of subtlety.  Smart asses like you will probably even appreciate the multi-tiered satire inherent in my unashamedly ripping off a ripoff artist.  I half-hope somebody rips me off – it’s satire all the way down!





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  1. The Mixed GM says:

    If this hasn’t been taken off Amazon by the time I get home from work, I am buying a copy.


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