Still Banging the Demi-Human Drum

I’ve asked this question repeatedly, and very rarely get an answer other than, “Uh…holy shit, dude.”

Describe how playing your character race is different from playing a human character, but don’t give me stat modifiers or a physical description.

It’s amazing how the wealth of character race options in D&D has stunted the creativity of players.  Every single dad-blamed character race is the exact same at the table as every other.  Once character creation is over, very few people ever really stop to think about their race ever again.  It’s just a non-factor.


Diversity.  It really does make everything worse.

If you’re playing an elf, then you’d better have elfen goals and follow elfen tactics.  I know it’s hard – Peter Jackson himself couldn’t even get it right – but it’s worth doing.  If you’re playing a dwarf, make that worm of the earth bastard stubborn to the point that changing his mind is like moving mountains.  If you’re playing one of those masturbatory half-demon things, then you damn well better expect to sleep in the barn when the tavern-keep recognizes the scent of brimstone about you.  You better also be motivated by something that couldn’t possibly motivate a vanilla human (the best kind of human) – something like trying to earn your soul back from Mom and Dad (“I didn’t asked to be born damned, okay!”).

Say what you want about those half-wits who play kenders, within five minutes of watching their game you know damn well what race HIS character is.  Say what you want about that one trick pony Terry Pratchett’s right-wing-stand-in dwarfs, they acted and thought very different from the rest of the Mary Sue races that live in MarSue’s Magical Discworld of Strawmen.  You can do better than either of those hacks at your table.

Let’s try to do better out there, people, mkay?



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2 Responses to Still Banging the Demi-Human Drum

  1. The Mixed GM says:

    I suspect that a lot of people (and I have been guilty of this) believe that certain assumptions about what a race is will carry the character concept, without actually playing the race as something else.

    I once played a dwarf wizard (Pathfinder…I know, I know) that was trying to prove himself to his clan, even though he had taken up the “un-dwarvenly” profession of wizardry. After some reflection, I realize that I did not play the dwarvish aspect much…I guess the character ended up being more of “Screw you dad” than a dwarf playing against the norm. I cringe looking back at it.


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