Stick it to The Man, Man!

Ydaou want to get all up in the leftoid’s grill?  Here’s a way to do it that will make them madder than a land-whale too broke for rainbow-colored hair dye.  Just nominate 2016’s greatest RPG title for the Dragon Awards BY CLICKING THE SHOUTY LETTERS!

Close your eyes.  Imagine all those smug and smarmy poindexters on the left, so sure that they had won a final victory over the forces of normalcy and decency, seeing the Alt-Right DM’s name right there on the list of nominees.  Turn that smug pinched face grin upside down, Twink, there’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s waaaay more popular than you mincing noodle wrists will ever be.

It’ll be like a hot Trump shlonging right in the face of our corner of culture war.

It’ll force them to take action.  Right now, they’re all hiding behind Twitter blocks, pretending that the Alt-Right DM, and the things for which he stands, don’t exist in fandom.  Once my name is on the ballot, they’ll have to face their fears.  They’ll have to rally around a Puppy-Kicking Style banner to keep the Dragon Awards

This will, guaranteed, push that crowd past “First they ignore” way past “Then they laugh” and all the way over to “Then they fight you”.  And those of us who have been in the trenches fighting the good fight for the last 20 years know what comes after that!

Hat tip to the guy who reminded me that this sort of popularity contest is a thing:

Also, you should nominate Cirsova: The Enmagazining for Best Shitter Magazine Reading.

[edit:  Turns out that isn’t a real category.  What are those amateurs doing over there?  That’s my favorite way to read.]


About The Alt-Right DM

At long last, a tall cool drink of alt-right water in the midst of a liberal and cuckservative desert. Inspired by the need for soldiers in the Culture War, E. Reagan Wright volunteered to stand up to the forces of progressivism before they complete their takeover of the once energetic, diverse and just plain fun hobby of role-playing games. A lone voice in the digital wilderness preaching to that quiet, right-wing remnant that has languished in the cold for years. E. Reagan Wright loves his Mom, guns, apple pie, football, and calling that lesser game by its rightful name - soccer.
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  1. The Mixed GM says:

    You are doing great work. Keep it up!


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