Save or Die: Great Podcast or Greatest Podcast

Man, I loves me some DMigos.

I’ve tried just about every D&D podcast around, and let me tell you, most of them suck harder than a Bill Clinton intern.  From my hours of research I’ve found that there are four basic types of podcast:

  1. Nerds recording a four hour session and dumping it on the public with nothing but an Incompetech bumper at either end.
  2. A nasally nerd or two blathering D&D inanity, stream of conscious style, into a mike for an hour.
  3. Those Adventure Zone idiots who are like Hollywood for nerds.  They are entertaining enough, but just can’t put down the narrative for five minutes.  They habitually refer to single people using the plural pronoun ‘they’.  They have to include a 50/50 mix of gay and normal relationships.  They have to ask known normal men if their former spouse was a man or woman, because of course you do.  For the love of Gygax, can you dolts just stick to the jokes and the crits and the complete lack of regard for rules when they interpreter with the entertainment (see number 1, above).
  4. Save or Die!

Save or Die! is, without a doubt, the best D&D podcast available right now.  Not only is it one of the few that it is one of the few D&D podcasts that deals almost exclusively with the five true versions of D&D – those published before the addition of the spergtastic A at the front of the name – it is one of the few podcasts that provides a great mix of old tales, new advice, and good laughs.


DM Liz may be hotter than expected, but she needs to stop laughing at her own jokes.

It moves a little slow.  Each hour-plus long episode could probably be edited down to a tight 45 minutes, but that’s part of the charm.  It isn’t one of your MSNBCs or FoxNews shouting at you every damn minute.  It’s more like an NPR interview show without all the smug Dunning-Kreuger inspired preening.  It’s just three thoughtful folks taking a little more time to say what they mean.  This is a positive thing, you Mountain Dew fuelled aspies.

You get all sorts of great, timely information about the current happenings in the OSR.  This past episode, which I finally had a chance to listen to while photoshopping a bunch of “Pepe Speaking at an ADL Podium” memes, talked about the revival of Pacesetter games.  They produce some fine B/X compatible modules, and also saved a bunch of great figures that almost missed the light of day thanks to  a poorly run Kickstarter.  Why do I call that out specifically?

Because you nerds love Netflix’s god-awful Stranger Things, and as we nerds do, we latched on to any talisman from that show that we could get our Cheeto-stained fingers on.  There is perhaps no greater touchstone for old school nerds grateful to have our existence acknowledged by the godless sodomites in Hollywood in Stranger Things than this little figure:


Flowerface looks nothing like this.

They call it the Lashing Prince, for IP reasons, but we all know that’ Demogorgon.  It’s a big figure, almost four-inches tall (that’s big as far as miniature wargamers and my wife are concerned), and not quite the Ral Partha figure shown in the Netflix series, but your nerd friends who like Stranger Things won’t know that.


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