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Sandwich Girl’s crusade to chase toxic people out of the gaming community achieves its first significant scalp when she herself leaves.  In a statement at her screed wall, she has announced (paraphrased for brevity because this woman has no soul of wit):

The visibility gained through this blog has helped me accomplish a number of things outside of this blog that I’m even more proud of:

  • The things I’ve written here have affected how publishers approach art direction.
  • My bullshit sexual harassment claims strongarmed GenCon into implementing a McCarthyistic harassment policy.
  • I pushed around diversity of GenCon’s Industry Insider and helped it smash the old gender disparity of its Featured Presenters by throwing a bunch of no-name vaginas onto the head table.
  • GenCon, out of fear of my harassment and my army of White Knight bitches, made me an Industry Insider this year, where I sat on panels with people who have actually made this hobby a better place like Ken Hite and some other nobodies that I wish had Ken’s stature.

This woman is so enamored of her own victimhood that even when she crows about her vast successes and declares victory, she still can’t resist issuing a sob story about how oppressed and put upon she is.  She sounds a lot like a cop swinging his baton at a prostrate Rodney King screaming, “Stop resisting arrest!”  Check it, yo:

Writing this blog has also taken a tremendous toll on my mental health.

Girl, you so crazy!  Look, this isn’t hard.  Her worldview is not a healthy one.  She jumped into the feeding frenzy of victimhood seeking to ruin people she believes engage in crimethink.  Her allies are just like her, and whining her way into the slightest bit of success, painted a big old bloody target on her back.  So when, as Sandwich Girl herself admits:

Worse than the abusers, the indifferent, and the apologists, however, is getting blindsided by people I trusted. People who I thought had my back, who told me that they wanted me to succeed and then threw me under the bus because it was politically expedient.

And specifically name checks people on her side of the aisle thusly:

When there are men who seriously argue to their fans that I am a bigoted anti-gay lunatic,

Figure it out, babe.  That’s the game she signed up for.  Her side believes everything is a zero-sum game, that the only way to the top is by climbing up over somebody else.  Her whole blog career has been about tearing down other people, other projects, other artists, other writers.  So when people on that side try to drag Sandwich Girl down as a means of elevating themselves, they’re playing HER game.

And she knows it!  She KNOWS that’s the game.  That’s why she desperately tries to paint herself as a powerless victim even as you she takes her victory lap.  The leftists know that the only way to protect themselves from the backstabbers who run rampant on that side of the political aisle is to argue that they have no power.

Ask yourself this: Was she ever satisfied with the results she blackmailed out of WotC or Pathfinder?  Nope.  It was never enough for her.  There was always more work to be done, more control to be handed over to her.  Quelle surprise that the people who think as she does reacted to her work as she reacts to the work of others.

Gentle reader, if you want some genuine appreciation, then you need to take a little stroll on over here to the right side of life.  If Wundergeek would just bring those sandwiches over here we’d treat her like a queen.  Look how well we treat the queens we’ve already got:


God Save Queen Milo!

If she has really had enough of swimming with sharks as likely to turn on her as not, then she should join the wolfpack over here on the right.  We look out for each other.  We take care of each other.  We would never attack our saviors with greater fervor than ever we would attack our political adversaries.  Don’t believe me?  You can ask Donald Trump about that.


Okay.  Bad example.  We aren’t all saints over here, either.  The point is that my side’s philosophy about rising tides lifting all boats results in a fundamental desire to help other people out because it makes your own life better.  The left’s philosophy about the only way up is by taking somebody else down results in a fundamental desire for people to attack everyone around them because that’s the only way to make your own life better.

Enough of the sales talk.  Here’s a great example of another way the RPG left can’t live up to their own standards.  Your old pal E. Reagan Wright himself commented on this issue over at

Sweet schadenfreude of Saint Murgotroyd, let’s hope her petard is a comfy one, because she just done hoisted herself up on it.

It will be interesting to see if the man who believes in, “the chilling effect that stops other people from raising their voices and bringing unique viewpoints to the table,” will moderate that unique viewpoint into oblivion.  I suspect Ryan “Five Lights” Markel’s policy is that some voices are more unique than others.  And in this time of rampant catering to the hobgoblins of the left, he has no room for diversity of opinion on his blog – not when said diversity might just include a viewpoint to which he does not agree.  He’s got his own private Hayes Code to enforce, don’t you know?

Back to Sandwich Girl’s announcement that she won, but she’s still a po’ widdle ‘ol victim:

Or at least that’s how I was approaching things until several weeks ago, when the final straw happened. As is the way with such things, it was so small. Such a quiet thing those most community insiders, even, probably missed. Really, it doesn’t even matter what the event was.

Oh, I think we all know what she’s talking about.  We all know the small thing was that most community insiders missed that she daren’t name:

Wright-SLORD Cover

More fun than a man should be allowed to have, and if Sandwich Girl had her way, he wouldn’t be allowed to have it.

Which is still available through Lulu!  Click here, chumps!  –>  Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


Search your feelings, gentle reader, you know it to be true.


P.S. “You Say Hello” is garbage writing.  Garbage, I say!  Using song lyrics as blog post titles is the single laziest short-cut to cheap clever-clever writing that there is.  Nobody who uses that trick should ever be taken seriously ever again.



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