Punching Up

little macLet’s get something straight here – in this fight we’re Little Mac.  They are Soda Popinski.  We’re Frodo just wanting to be left alone to do our thing.  They are Sauron looking to dominate the free people of the west with their twisted mockery of all things good and beautiful.

They’ve grabbed the power.  They have the influence.  They control the narrative.

For now.

When we mock them for the absurdities inherent in their myopic view of life, the universe, and gaming, we aren’t attacking those beneath us on the power ladder.  Quite the contrary, we’re using humor to speak truth to power.

Take a look around the blog-o-verse sometime.  It’s littered with big time names in the RPG industry, real movers and shakers, all of whom are either politically agnostic or dyed in the Five Year Plan’s allotment of wool pink-o’s.  You can count the number of overt conservatives gaming on my junior high school shop teacher’s left hand.  And you only get a number that high if you count the avante-garde artist/porn star/outstanding RPG author and the give-the-Left-everything-they-want-everywhere-but-at-the-table Pundit.  Both great guys, but hardly paragons of conservative thought.

Standing alone against the hobby gate keepers, the Mouths of Sauron if you will, isn’t so scary, especially when you know the hearts and minds of the free men of the west are with you.  The ironic part of this whole sorry situation is that despite their power and the hordes of orcs they control, it still only takes one guy willing to climb a mountain and huck a ring in a pool to topple a whole rotten tower and force the minions to scatter to the far hills.

Be that guy hucking the ring.


About The Alt-Right DM

At long last, a tall cool drink of alt-right water in the midst of a liberal and cuckservative desert. Inspired by the need for soldiers in the Culture War, E. Reagan Wright volunteered to stand up to the forces of progressivism before they complete their takeover of the once energetic, diverse and just plain fun hobby of role-playing games. A lone voice in the digital wilderness preaching to that quiet, right-wing remnant that has languished in the cold for years. E. Reagan Wright loves his Mom, guns, apple pie, football, and calling that lesser game by its rightful name - soccer.
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