GenCon, Monoculture, and Free Expression

Apparently GenCon thinks you’ve never heard of 1984.  They’ve doubled down on their decision to turn their convention from a gaming con to a political rally.  In their March 30 update, they state:

We won’t stop pushing for more diversity and inclusiveness in Indiana, and we will include new concepts and partnerships into our preparations for Gen Con 2015.

This is classic progressive doublethink. Opposition to religious freedom and attempts to impose a monoculture is a way of pushing for diversity.  Anyone want to bet that Gen Con’s new concepts for inclusiveness somehow all serve a Progressive agenda?  Go ahead, prove me wrong – show me the conservative alternative to “Return to the Castle of Gender Representation” or “Queer as a Three Sided Die”.  Can anyone show that the “Diversity in Gaming” panel mentions conservatives in any way save with the utmost contempt?

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